Success Stories

Many men have lived in the Wilson Men’s Hotel, some of them for decades. Here are some of the success stories of the men who have worked with City Pads’ team of social workers and relocation specialists.

Tenant T with keys
Mr. “T” got the keys to his own place!

Tenant T: This high-spirited individual was truly down on his luck, with no source of income—or even suitable shoes for snow. Transition staff got him some winter boots, and provided many bus passes for many months so Mr. T could attend job interviews. Because of his kind disposition, the City Pads team was able to find him some jobs to do around the building to supplement his income. After helping him land a full-time job, we help Mr. T obtain new housing.

Room del sol
A room in a new building where several former residents have moved.

Tenant W: This elderly tenant had lived at the Wilson Men’s Hotel since 1983. Mr. W didn’t have a photo ID or any documents of any type, had no family or emergency contact and no verifiable source of income. Over many months, Mr. Z’s City Pads case manager accompanied him to various City, State and federal offices to get a photo ID, social security card and birth certificate. Not only that, but the City Pads staff have applied for and received approval for retirement social security benefits for tenant.

Tenant E: With only $750 in monthly social security income, this long-time resident worked with the City Pads team to find subsidized housing for $100 less than he paid each month at Wilson.

Kitchen del sol-1
The Kitchen in a new building where several former residents have moved.

Tenant L: Living on $537 a month in social security benefits, this elderly, long-term tenant, supplemented his meager income working for tips at the local car wash— for 32 years. The City Pads Office found a beautiful and well managed senior supportive housing facility that would be a great fit. The City Pads staff consulted with his sister who lives in Mississippi, and purchased a coat and clothes for Mr. L to tour the facility. As a result of all the prep work that the team did, he now lives in a private apartment, including all utilities/cable, and receives weekly housekeeping. The lovely facility has a wellness and activity center, and medical staff. Mr. L looks better than ever, and is happy and healthy. He wants to continue to work, and still travels every day to the car wash.