Current Residents

Residents of the Wilson Men’s Hotel have worked with the Transition Team and found better quality housing and a new life.

Please visit the Transition Office to learn how we can help you in the search for new housing.


The City Pads Transition Team works hard to identify residents’ next best housing opportunities based on income, landlord requirements and housing availabilities.

Every tenant is treated with respect, with services tailored to his personal needs and abilities. Our transition team works thoughtfully with each tenant, striving to understand individual life challenges.

Our Transition Services include:

  • Needs assessment as it relates to housing
  • Regularly meetings with each tenant, family members and social service providers to discuss and execute a transition plan
  • If indicated, connect tenant to a social service provider
  • Generate housing options, driven by tenant income, neighborhood preference, housing availability and limiting factors to re-housing, if any
  • Schedule apartment viewings, accompany tenant if indicated, and provide guidance throughout the application process
  • Advance to a potential landlord application fees, first month’s rent/security deposits (deducted from Relocation Benefit)
  • Provide boxes and arrange for one moving van full of belongings to one location in Chicago.